Dive Into Santorini's Magical Sunset

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Many writers, travelers and romantics have claimed that Santorini has some of the most romantic sunsets in the world. Legends surround the island and rumour has it, it was part of the lost city of Atlantis before its destruction millenniums ago by the volcano in its midst.

Even today, as the sun sets, the island enters into a twilight zone that makes visitors wonder about its mysterious past and feel its powerful charisma. The best views and most spectacular sunsets on the island can be seen at the highest parts of the island and especially just in front of Thermes Luxury Villas. So, relax and enjoy with your significant other. Watch the sun sinking into the sea, its majesty adds an almost spiritual dimension to any sunset. 

Enjoy your wedding ceremony with the sunset setting and relax in front a sublime view every evening on your honeymoon. Santorini is waiting for you!

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